Economic Empowerment Sector

It should be clearly understood right from outset that the kind of Economic Empowerment meant here is not financing of youth projects or anything close to that. The empowerment we mean here; is giving the youth some economic tools that are expected to stimulate their capacity to venture into economic activities with confidence.

The major problem that young entrepreneurs in Africa experience, is the lack of tools that can convince financial institutions to allow them access to funds. This problem is even more acute when it comes to the youth in Rwanda who not only lack collateral material to give to those institutions, but also lack the capacity to produce project proposals and business plans that are credible and appealing to the funders.

Project information

  • Sector: Economic Empowerment
  • Field: Emporement
  • Project Owner: Fesy

These problems and some other financial literacy deficits are some of the discussions FESY wants to engage some selected youth in and see whether their aptitude in financial literacy and management can be sharpened and then link those ready to financial institutions and prospective investors. The expected outcome in this sector is: