Much as Education and Environment are designed to be crosscutting in all FESY’s areas of intervention, it was fund necessary to have a few concrete activities in the area of Environmental Protection in order to ensure we send clear signals to the youth involved in our area of operation, and indeed to the youth in general, that once environment is neglected, the whole life on our mother planet will be affected. That is why FESY decided to tackle the option of tree planting and appropriate disposal of plastic materials. Tree planting is now appreciated by most Rwandans, and they understand the role trees play in boosting cleanliness of air and contribution to rain formation; but to many, there is lack of information on the speed at which the forests are being depleted. It is therefore, in these sessions of actual tree planting that FESY project implementers, will pass on messages of forest preservation, not only for the purpose of household utilities, but also for the purpose of keeping the balance in our ecosystem.

As to what concerns the appropriate disposal of plastic materials, the government of Rwanda has done quite a lot in putting in place laws and regulations that prohibits use of plastic materials for shopping and industrial packaging. However, looking at the state of our rivers and lakes today, there is no doubt the expected good practice in the disposal of these materials still leave a lot to be desired. We still find a lot of plastic bags, plastic bottles and straws floating in our rivers, while others are deposited along river banks and in river valleys. While it could be understandable when we encounter some deficiency in the internalization of the hazards caused by such improper disposal of these materials, it becomes rather difficult to comprehend why even garbage collection companies haven’t mastered the art of separating decomposable trash from those that do not decompose. This deficiency calls for extra effort in the sensitisation campaign, especially in schools, taxi parks, and among our market folks.

Project information

  • Sector: Environment
  • Field: Akarima Kigikoni
  • Project Owner: Fesy

It is this kind of awareness that FESY wishes to create, for the purpose of synergising with other participants in this endeavour of saving our aquatic lives.